Research and insights

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Research and insights

Current research and insight projects focus primarily on qualitative and secondary communications research.  The object of this research is to discover the information nuggets that will help engage people to organizations, their products and services and help solve marketing problems.  The focus is on consumers and  stakeholders.  What they are thinking?  What are they are not telling us? Why?  What’s in their hearts?  Why they make the choices they make?  What’s the difference between what they say they do versus what they actually do?

Creative research provides insights and information so creative teams can do their work.  It forces one to dig deeper and “think a bit sideways”,  to look for new angles, new perspectives.  Great ideas require digging into all available information, carefully listening to what people are saying, and watching what they are doing.  It is essential that the effort go way beyond generating the pat answers that traditional surveys typically elicits.

Key projects

Siemens, global forums on imaging equipment

Duraflame, Inc. product development and positioning

Judicial Council of California, court interpreter recruiting research

California teen anti tobacco initiative, qualitative research, concept testing

Hunter-Douglas, in-home usage product tests

Intuit, small business product development and positioning

The Access Project, rural counties health insurance program

California Public Utilities Commission, global warming awareness survey

Landor Associates, various online discussion forums



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